Being Mindful of Important People in Your Life

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We are all trying to live our lives in a meaningful way, and having good relationships helps us achieve that. It is therefore very helpful for us to be mindful of important people who have helped us along the way in our life. We can learn to be grateful for their contribution, and the love and admiration we feel towards them will definitely make us happy.

At the same time, being mindful of important people in our lives also allows us to connect more fully with our thoughts and feelings from time to time. This helps us to take care of ourselves more effectively.

For example, your friend who lent you the money when you were in trouble: Remembering how he or she gave you that money allows us to be grateful for his help. We can also rejoice with him when we notice him happy and successful.

A boss who offered guidance: When we remember her wisdom, this can help us to be good at our job and makes us feel happy when we see her doing well.

The same goes for a mother or father, an uncle or aunt with whom you are close: Remembering how they contributed to your life can make you grateful for what they have done for you over the years, and gives you a sense of love and admiration for them.

Sometimes when we ruminate on a particular person, it might even arise in our mind: “Oh yes, how can I forget the time my father gave me that money to buy milk!” Or “When I was little, mother was always there looking after me.” These kinds of reflections allow us to see our lives in a wider context, and helps us to feel connected with one another. It is very helpful for us.

The more we remember how people have been kind and helpful to us, the more we will be grateful for their support, love, and encouragement in our life so far. We can draw strength from that appreciation. And when we feel a connection with people we are grateful for, their love and affection will awaken our heart. This can then give us the confidence to look ahead at what we want to achieve in life, and help us to be less afraid of anything that might happen to us – even death!

We are all interconnected. When we remember this truth clearly, it can help us to live our life with gratitude and love.

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