Connecting With Clients Through Emojis

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If you have ever seen messages from a Gen Xer, you can see the vast use of emojis. Heck, many Millennials are known for it as well.

Not sure what an emoji is? Well, an emoji is a symbol / image that helps express what the individual is trying to convey. So, when I talk about my vacation in the mountains 🌄 you might get the feeling that I enjoyed it because I put extra effort into communicating what I was doing. Or you could tell that I’m extremely mad 🤬 through my emojis.

Believe it or not, emojis have become important in communication. 💯 Many people use them as an additional form of expression and – believe it or not – they can come in handy in marketing.

Part of marketing is speaking the language of your audience. So when you’re getting ready to write that blog post or send that newsletter, consider throwing in a few emojis so that your audience feels more connected to you.

Pro tip: Don’t overuse the emojis. You don’t want to come off as overwhelming. 👀

More and more marketing specialists are encouraging folks to start using emojis in their regular conversations with clients. Don’t be afraid to sign off from an email with a 👍 thumbs up. Connect with your customers, know what they look for, and get on their level.

If you’re not comfortable using emojis, that’s fine. 👌 Don’t feel like you have to in order to “fit in.” It’s better to stay away from the emoji usage than use them when you don’t understand their best use.

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