Holiday Bargains in October

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Last week, I talked about preparing for your holiday celebrations, including getting anything ready that is needed for office parties or employee thank you’s. Today, it’s time to talk about getting your business ready for the holidays – and helping your customers get ready, too.

Many brands create super holiday deals, whether it’s discounted prices, freebies after certain purchases, or the ability to rack up additional reward points. If you are one who thinks this is the way to go, then start NOW. Several businesses are getting their holiday deals started a couple of months ahead, such as Kohl’s. (Check out our podcast episode where we talk about this!) Customers will want to take advantage of savings as much and for as long as they can.

A word of caution – be careful about changing your entire company to focus around the holidays, especially if you have a couple more months. I walked into Walgreens and was overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas products they had – even before Halloween. You can absolutely (unintentionally) turn off your customers by making it too Christmas-y too early. And even once the holidays are truly upon us, make sure that your other products are still easy to find. If you’re hiding your everyday items, customers will find them elsewhere!

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