How to Win Back Lost Customers

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We’ve all been there. Losing a customer is never easy, no matter the reason. It may be something as simple as no longer needing your services – or it could be the result of a major issue that arose from your work. Either way (or anything in between), it’s tough when you suffer a loss. Business is hard and losing a customer can be extremely discouraging. But all hope is not lost! It’s absolutely possible to win back customers.

One of the best ways to get people engaged is through communication. Touch base with your main contact and see if there are any projects with which you can assist. Also, make sure that you know why you lost the customer. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. And if there’s any way to remedy the situation, do so.

Another great way to win back customers is by providing value. Many people will remain on newsletter subscriptions, stay on companies’ social media pages, and continue listening to podcasts even after they’re done using a company. Make sure that you are offering great value through these networks. Provide case studies, helpful tips, and – of course – discounts and offers. Let them see why they should come back to you.

Sometimes, you’re not going to be able to win back a customer. Utilize the tools that you have in order to try bringing them back – but don’t stress if you can’t. Make sure you are spending your time wisely. A good formula for this is…

50% retaining current customers
30% bringing in new customers
20% winning back customers

Check out the next blog post for information on attracting new customers!

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