Making Lemonade

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I have a very enthusiastic eight-year-old who is always looking to be a better person. In her pursuit of making her own way in this world, my daughter (let’s call her Bea) decided that she wanted to start her own business. She wanted to start a drink stand – like a lemonade stand, but better. She wanted to sell lemonade, pink lemonade, and sweet tea in the summer; then she could sell hot chocolate, apple cider, and coffee in the winter. Pretty genius, right?

And then COVID-19 happened. This poor girl realized that her drink stand likely wouldn’t do very well while people are so highly concerned with safety. As a mom, it then became my job to teach her about flexibility and the importance of rolling with the punches.

Bea is now considering a few other options for her own business. One of these is selling products online that she will make from home. Since I am currently teaching myself crochet, she has asked that I teach her how to crochet, as well. This will be a skill she can then use to make scarfs, gloves, hats, and anything else her little heart desires to sell. Another idea has been for Bea to sell paintings. She loves art (just like her momma) and would definitely feel a sense of accomplishment if she knew that someone would put her art on display.

This virus has put up a lot of road blocks and speed bumps for all of us. Learning how to navigate this new territory has been a challenge for all of us but we’re working on it each day. It’s probably safe to assume that you, too, are struggling with figuring out how to deal with these trials. Get creative so that you can figure out new ways to run your business, or deal with any other new situations that you’ve encountered. Ask for help on gathering ideas. See what works best and, who knows, you may find that it works even better than your original plan.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade … or don’t, and make art instead.

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AJ Jewell

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