Putting Out the Fire of Bad Reviews

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We all will get bad reviews sometimes. Unfortunately, we can’t make everyone happy in this world. That’s just the way of it. And when those times do occur, it can be almost terrifying how easily these unhappy consumers can spread the word to potential customers. So how do we tackle these negative reviews?

DO PUBLICLY REACH OUT. If you receive a negative review on Facebook, Google, or any other reviewing platform, respond directly to the message. Let others see that you truly have your customer’s interest in mind at all times. Try to resolve the issue publicly.

DO NOT BAD MOUTH ANY REVIEWERS. First and foremost, this makes you look like a jerk – and no one wants to buy anything from a jerk. Second, you want people to know that they can be honest and that you can accept criticism. Any review (good or bad) can only help you improve.

DO ADDRESS ANY LEGITIMATE PROBLEMS. If a major issue is brought to your attention, nip it in the bud and make a public announcement. Make a social media post or send an email blast stating the problem that was identified, how you will prevent it from happening again, and how someone can contact you if they need help resolving this issue.
[Note: You do not need to do this with every minor problem. Reserve this for things like product failures, safety concerns, or issues that have been brought up by a large number of people.]

DO NOT DELETE ANY ONLINE REVIEWS. For anyone who has seen a negative review and later sees that it has been removed, you are telling them that your customers’ voices do not matter. Keep your customers by letting them know that they are valued. Keeping the reviews also allows for others to see that you do work to fix the problems.

DO CONTACT THOSE INVOLVED WITH THE ISSUE. If there was an issue with shipping, get in touch with your shipping manager. Did someone complain about rude customer service? Have a conversation with your customer service manager (as well as the specific customer service rep, if you know who it is). This is the best way to prevent these errors from reoccurring.

DO NOT PAY FOR GOOD REVIEWS. This is tacky and typically obvious. As a consumer myself, I can tell you that paid reviews are the worst ones to read. Instead, work to be an amazing company that provides phenomenal service. And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback! People often forget but are usually willing to give positive reviews when they love a company.

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