The Benefits of Blogging

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My favorite part about my job is that I get to write blog posts. Some people tire quickly of writing, but not me! I enjoy writing with ever fiber of my being, which is why I look forward to the days when I get to come up with a new post to put out into the world. In fact, I love writing so much that I have two published books and am doing some writing for another blog.

While writing can be very therapeutic, much of what I enjoy about writing is that I often get the opportunity to teach people. Whether is news worthy or something as simple as teaching about a marketing tactic (such as SMS marketing), my chance to teach something gives me a boost. I have the heart of a teacher – which is part of why I homeschool my kids – and I take any opportunity I can to educate others.

If you’re looking at writing blog posts, it’s also a great way to market. You can let others know what’s going on in your company, what exactly you do, and why you do it. Add a few personal touches and it can also be a reminder that you are, in fact, human. People don’t buy from companies – they buy from other people.

Blogs are great for so many reasons. Maybe you’re not the most proficient writer, though. If you can’t find anyone in your company who enjoys it / is good at it, you can instead go onto a website such as Fiverr to find someone who can write for you. Don’t let the struggle get in the way of a fantastic technique that you can use for your business. Many companies have blogs. Join in and see how you can attract more people to your website and your brand.

AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

Amber "AJ" Jewell started at in 2016 as a part-time admin assistant, quickly moving to be the 'Duchess of Flow" - making sure that the office is flowing smoothing. AJ is also an award-nominated author, homeschooling parent of three, an avid reader, and a college student.
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