Burt’s Bees’ Skincare for Screen Time

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Source: Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Watching action films can spike cortisol levels, leading to redness and sensitive skin.
Laughter increases wrinkles.
Drama shows “make us feel a lot of feelings – and your skin feels it too.”
Chemical rushes from romance movies imitate falling in love, which can dry out your skin.
Horror fans are more prone to dark circles and breakouts.
True crime can leave you feeling tired and your skin feeling dull.

Burt’s Bees, known for its lip care line, has teamed up with Amazon to present “Screencare” sets. These sets of skincare products are specifically coupled with Amazon Prime Video’s lead genres in mind. The sets are marketed as a way to continue taking care of your skin while enjoying your screen time. You can find them on Burt’s Bees’ Amazon store.

This campaign shows real innovation in collaboration. Not only is Burt’s Bees branching out on its products, but it is also now inviting Amazon Prime members to take a look inside. Staying on top of relevant issues guarantees that they remain top of mind.

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