Business Magnets Preferred

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A just-released poll conducted online by DCP-Print LTD found that magnets are the preferred promotional giveaway of small business owners — beating out flyers, brochures and stickers. As you might expect, business owners love magnets because they stay in front of the customer longer. Of course, these products are more expensive than a flyer or sticker might be, but they also get to be seen by many, many more pairs of eyes.
When you choose a magnet, or magnetic business card holder as a promotional tool, you want to be sure the magnet is of good quality so it really stays put. After all, if it’s going to be around a while, you want it to keep delivering a quality, professional message to anyone who sees it. Over time, quality always shows.
When choosing magnets as a way to promote your business, be sure that you take time to think about the design. You want the magnet to be a pleasant reminder of your business — so use the same colors, type styles and logo you have everywhere else. Be sure the magnets include… 

  • your business name
  • your tagline
  • your contact info — phone number or web address

Another great use for magnets is on your vehicle. Car magnets make the most of every mile you drive, every place you park. Here again, quality is key. You do yourself no favor by scrimping — find a supplier who will help you make your logo and business name look good, and then put it on a product that stays put on your vehicle.
While magnets are a popular choice, they are by no means the only promotional game in town. Flyers and brochures, when done properly, give you the space to describe your company, your services and share testimonials. Stickers are especially suited to promotional offers or drawing attention to your phone number or new website.

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