Using Buzzwords

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Buzzwords in Social Media

1. an important-sounding usually technical word or phrase often of little meaning used chiefly to impress laymen; 2. a voguish word or phrase (

Are you guilty of using buzzwords in your everyday life? Most of the time, buzzwords are a way to connect with others. When my kids talk about ‘shipping’ two TV characters (suggesting that the two characters would be a good romantic match), my husband often asks where they are being shipped to. *cue rolling of teenage eyes* But the slang that is used on social media, whether you are ‘doom-scrolling'(excessively scrolling through negative social media) or have been ‘ghosted’ (having someone else suddenly end communication without explanation), has become important in knowing what’s going on.

(Maybe you are a parent and need to know what your kids are talking about. Maybe you work around young adults and just don’t get it. If you need a social media glossary, here it is. Later, a social media management company, has compiled a list of social media key terms with definitions so you can always know what’s going on.)

Buzzwords in Marketing

Marketing also has plenty of buzzwords (which itself is a buzzword, by the way). While it is important to be up-to-date and understand the ins and outs of the industry, it is also important to not make assumptions. Don’t take for granted the fact that some people may not be in the know or may not even be in marketing. Business buzzwords can vary by industry (although you can find a list of buzzwords for the marketing industry here). Be concise instead of relying on these popular words and phrases. Jessica Onion gives a few examples in her blog post on PromoJournal about ways to offer clearer communication.

Instead of ‘ping,’ clarify how we will hear from you, such as by email or direct message.
Instead of ‘circling back,’ be mindful of others’ time and give specifics of when to revisit the topic.
Instead of a ‘deep dive,’ just acknowledge it as a thorough meeting.
Instead of ‘low-hanging fruit,’ refer to the easier wins accordingly.
Instead of ‘unpack,’ you can review the notes from last week.
Instead of ‘synergy,’ find out if there is a mutually beneficial connection or vibe

Be Mindful

Not everyone is always on the same page. Recognizing this allows us to thoroughly think about our communication. Also, keep in mind who you are speaking to. In some cases, it is inappropriate to rely solely on casual tones in conversation. Note the who, what, when, where, and why of the interaction so you can determine the how.

And remember that using slang as an adult tends to be ‘cringe’ to the teens – but that’s why I do it.

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