Calendars: Sure Fire Way To Get Your Business Noticed All Year Long

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As 2011 comes to a close, the arrival of a new year… a fresh start… brings you one of the most wonderfully effective, totally affordable opportunities to promote your business. Imprinted promotional calendars.
If you think that in this day of mobile devices and slick apps the imprinted calendar is dead, think again. A piece in Promo Marketing Magazine points out how many people, despite our gadget loving world — still hang on to that desk or wall calendar. It’s familiar, expected, and easy to use… no charger needed. And at this time of year, everyone’s looking for them.
Making a gift of a promotional calendar bearing your business name is a smart way to start a relationship with prospects or nourish the one you have with existing customers. Giving calendars isn’t just a nice gesture, it encourages recipients to return the favor — by giving you their business.
What’s more, the most recent ASI Global Advertising Impressions Study confirms promotional products (including calendars) continue to be a more cost-effective (vs. TV, radio and print) way to get your business name and number in front of customers, or potential ones. Promotional products still have a better cost per impression than other forms of advertising. Unlike splashy ad campaigns or high profile contests, calendars and other promotional products are within reach of businesses of all sizes.
Naturally you need to put some thought into the type of calendar that would be most valued by your customers. Our reps can be a great help here. For some lines of business, like banking and real estate, a full color wall calendar is a must. For other firms, magnetic calendars can be a great choice. Pocket styles, even in this age of iPhones and Blackberry’s, continue to be staples so many of us can’t do without.
If you’re overwhelmed by the options, working with a specially trained promotional products representative will help — guiding you through the many styles, colors and choices to find the one that’s just right for you. When you’re investing in products like these, that make such a statement about your business, it’s vital to have all the help you can get. Our reps are here to see that you get it.
When it comes to calendar imprints, remember what we’ve said here before about color. And while you’ll definitely want to keep to a consistent look with your other marketing pieces, using reds to get customers to pay attention to details (prices or phone numbers) and blues to speak to their imagination (product benefits) is a simple, direct way to convey an important message.
No matter what style you choose, putting your business name, logo and phone number on a quality, colorful 2011 calendar is a great way to build your business — all year long.

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