Chicken Sandwiches, Vans Collabs, Liquid Death – 2021 Year In Review – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 094

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This our first ever official ‘Year in Review’ show – a recap of some of the fun stories we covered.

Welcome to the Big Promo Cast – the podcast that helps you with critical marketing and promotions advice. Marketing your product, service, or organization is fun, but complicated. We’re here to help you navigate the waters. Every week join Rich and Amber as they discuss branded swag, apparel, and marketing using imprinted promotional products and printed goods. If you have a side hustle, want to start a passion project, or just want to hear some great marketing advice, this is the podcast for you!

Join us LIVE on Thursdays at noon eastern time.


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This week’s topics:

Killers Hot Sauce, Tropicana Fridges, KFC Gaming, Employee Appreciation – Big Promo Cast Ep 043 – YouTube

Match Me If You Can (Season 1) Trailer | MTV + Pepsi Mango – YouTube

Weinermobile x Lyft, Liquid Death x Tony Hawk, Whataburger Fishing Merch – Big Promo Cast Ep 076 – YouTube

Clothing Line Collaborations – Unique Vintage – Page 3

Vans Collabs:

Huf Mascot, Starbucks Going Green, Vans for Small Business, Pepsi TV – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 057 – YouTube

Vans x Spongebob, Rainbow Capitalism, BTS x McDonalds – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 065 – YouTube

Vans Foot The Bill – Chin Up Donuts #shorts – YouTube

USPS x Vans, Nutstalgia, Dr. Rick, Bud Light Tailgate Candles – LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 090 – YouTube

There’s One Clear Winner in the Chicken Sandwich War, But Is It the Best?

Battle for the Best Chicken Sandwich: 2021 Update on the Chicken Sandwich Wars | Numerator

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