Coffee Mugs: The Most Loyal Of Morning Companions

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Q: What’s the one part of your morning you absolutely, positively refuse to skip?
A: That first cup of coffee.

When it comes to meeting the morning with you, coffee mugs are like the Tonto to your Lone Ranger — always at your side, no matter the hour or the season. They are there every morning, ready and waiting to hold your beverage of choice — coffee, or perhaps tea, cocoa, whatever you greet the day with, your cup is solid, stable, an accepted part of a well worn routine for roughly 68% of Americans who drink coffee in the first hour after waking.

No surprise that there’s a Facebook page for fans of drinking coffee in the morning and a growing body of research that caffeine (in moderation) might not be so dangerous… might even be (gasp!) good for us.

Beyond holding that warm, tasty wake up, here are some great uses for coffee mugs

  • use them to hold a small seedling or even some basil (or a cactus), and be sure you put it in a sunny location. Watch out for overwatering.
  • if you make candles you can use a coffee mug instead of a glass jar as a holder. Pour the melted wax into the coffee mug and add a (longer) wick. When the wax sets you’ll have a truly unique, reusable candle.
  • store drink packets (Crystal Light) or sugar packets (Splenda) to keep them on hand.
  • hold colored pencils, crayons and paint brushes for children, it’s easy to see what you have, and everything stays upright.
  • keep near the washer/dryer to hold loose change and other items found in pockets going through the wash.
  • organize desk supplies like pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands and such.
  • for fun gifts, fill a coffee mug with a favorite candy or another tiny treat, wrap up and you have a sweet, thoughtful gift for anyone.
  • organize bathroom essentials among roommates with a coffee mug for each person so it’s easy to recognize which is your own.
  • recycle coffee mugs by passing them on to organizations that provide meals for homeless people — these places are always looking for coffee mugs.

Putting your company information on a coffee mug is clearly a way to help build awareness or solidify a brand’s position. Affordable too, which is a plus for smaller businesses. We know from research that promotional products that bear a business name and are practical get used and noticed over and over again rather than ignored or missed like other forms of advertising.
Mugs like these offer you lots of choices in terms of colors and styles — plenty of room to display your company logo, name or other details. Working with a reliable, experienced supplier is key here, as these pros can help you find the right combination of style and colors that work best for your business.
Of course we’d be happy to help…

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