Company Uses Ancient Technique in Eco-Friendly Apparel

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I have a fascination with ancient Egypt. I’ve done several research papers on it, learning as much as I can. The culture was so different from the world in which we now live; in some ways, perhaps it was better. Women didn’t have to worry about feeling like second-class citizens, for one example. Ancient Egyptians also had some of the most advanced medical technology and resources. There are books that have been unearthed on the subject that have taught modern (think early 1900s) medical professionals more about their practice than they could have ever thought.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that a start up apparel company is using ancient Egyptian technology as part of their t-shirts manufacturing.

Cinnamon is commonly used for its antimicrobial properties. But while the practice is already used in things like toothpaste and chewing gum, I never would have thought of using cinnamon in a shirt. The purpose? Reducing odor. Sweat itself doesn’t produce an odor; it’s actually from the bacteria on your skin that feed on the sweat. Luckily, cinnamon is a great way to combat it.

Founded by Brian Chuang, Koup is the company that will be debuting the shirts. The t-shirts are actually being made with recycled bottles – 8 bottles per shirt, to be exact – and are being infused with cinnamon extract (although they sadly don’t smell like cinnamon). They are 30% lighter than the average cotton shirt and can be rolled up smaller than a pair of socks! The shirts dry quickly and are specifically targeted for travelers. “The natural anti-odor and wick-dry performance means you can bring this as the only T-shirt on your trip, which further reduces your gear,” Chuang said. “Also, the moisture-wicking property means the T-shirt keeps you dry and comfortable when you are on the go, and its thermal characteristics help regulate your body temperature.”

AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

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