Ways to Enjoy the Holidays With Social Distancing

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It may feel like it’s far too early to be thinking about the holidays but they will be here before you know it. Much of 2020 has felt like it’s been dragging on. Hopefully, though, the end of the year will fly by. Either way, it’s time to prep for what the holidays may look like during this strange year.

The last couple of months of any year are typically filled with gifts, shopping, and family time. This year, the biggest struggle of those will probably be family time. Many people continue to practice social distancing and may be concerned about the close proximity – even of family members – during the holiday season. However, all is not lost. We can still have a great holiday season while remaining mindful of the COVID crisis. Here are some ideas on having great family gatherings during this time of social distancing.

Provide hand sanitizer. Everyone will feel much better knowing that you’re taking precautions.

Encourage everyone to bring their own cups or tumblers. This way, they can just fill it up and not have to worry as much about spreading germs.

Have multiple small gatherings instead of one big get together. When people know that there are options with fewer people, they’ll be more likely to show up.

Avoid hands-on games this year. Go with Bingo or trivia, but avoid Hot Potato or karaoke. You never know what you may be passing around.

Send an email a couple days before the event. Check with those who are coming to make sure that no one is exhibiting symptoms. You can get a list from the CDC here.

AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

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