Say ‘Thanks’ with food gifts from Batch & Bodega

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Have you ever received a food gift – you know, one of those promotional bags or boxes with food in it – and legitimately been excited about eating it? Jason Lucash says that’s a giant “no” from him. Lucash, senior vice president of marketing and innovation for HPG Brands, says, “It often comes in plain packaging with plain flavors to match, which is a missed opportunity when there is such an abundance of delicious snacks available. Passionate food makers across the country are waking up every morning trying to make the most delicious cookie, peanut butter, even ice cream cone, and no one in the promo industry has been able to tap into that homegrown supplier talent until now.”

Because of what was seen as a promotional disappointment for foodies everywhere, HPG launched Batch & Bodega in 2020. This new brand partners with food manufacturers across the country to give an added bonus to their promotional kits: providing locally sourced food, a desire spoken by much of the younger generations. “We have exclusivity for these small-batch manufacturers in the promotional products industry,” Lucash said in an email. “We aren’t doing any actual food manufacturing ourselves, rather cultivating and sourcing from these makers—letting them do what they do best, which is make tasty snacks—and bringing them to the promo industry.”

B&B’s website states that they pair branded products “with unforgettable food to create memorable (and delicious!) gifting experiences.” Here at BigPromotions, we have already gotten to see – and taste test – some of these products and we’re excited to be working with the folks at B&B. Keep an eye out on our YouTube and Facebook to get a hint of this experience yourself as we go over products and look at the options of wonderful packaging that are available.

In the meantime, check out this video from Batch & Bodega …

AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

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