Home Office Safety and Security Week

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The second full week of January is ‘Home Office Safety and Security Week.’ For 2022, that’s this week: Jan 9th through 15th. The purpose of this week is to make sure that your home office is prepped for protection, in all senses of the word. Some things, such as a fire escape route, working smoke detectors, and properly grounded electrical outlets, are a good idea for any home. But what if you’re working from home and have sensitive data on your computer? Check out these ways to protect your home office:

  • Change your passwords frequently. If you have a ton of passwords or struggle to remember them, use a password manager and change that specific password every month or so.
  • Turn off your internet when you’re not on your device. This can help protect your computer from unwanted data thieves while you are away from the computer.
  • Make sure your firewalls and anti-virus software is up to date. Be sure you’re also running scans regularly.
  • Back up your data. A removable hard drive can be cheap and easy to keep track of.

Maybe you’re also keeping paper copies of documents in your home office. Be sure the keep them locked in a drawer or safe, and shred/destroy sensitive information.

Do you have any other ideas for keeping your home office safe? Share them with us!

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