Hooray for the red, white & blue!

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The 4th of July is right around the corner… can you believe it? The most American of holidays is a fine opportunity to talk about patriotic themed marketing. Let’s be clear — we’re not suggesting patriotism is something to be trifled with… to be put into an advertising campaign and not supported by action.
Patriotism stirs the soul and fires the blood… it inspires daring actions and heated debates… it holds a place in every citizen’s heart that isn’t for sale. Don’t doubt that these days, being such a savvy, cynical, seen-it-all bunch, we can’t spot a false flag waiver a mile away.

So… if the fervor of the holiday is taking hold, and you’d like to be sincerely more patriotic in your business, here are some ideas for you…

  • Proudly display “Made in America” on your products
  • Fly the flag at your location, and be sure to do it properly
  • Offer discounts to military families or veterans
  • Support our soldiers with collections of essential items
  • When they come home, hire a veteran if you can
  • Support community causes or relief efforts here at home
  • Encourage people to vote
  • Use themes in ads to show appreciation for our troops
  • Salute your local police, fire and rescue teams

What’s more, the nation’s birthday gives you a unique opportunity to mark the event with a quality giveaway — such things really stand out at a time of year when gifts are unexpected (but always welcome). Here are some fantastic season appropriate promotional products you might give as you celebrate America’s birthday.

A national holiday can also serve as an excuse to invest in clothing that’s geared to the warmer weather and has a distinct All-American look. The most affordable options are caps, but a smartly styled polo shirt or light fleece jacket are other ideas that might fit your team. These items also make great gifts for your best customers — gifts that stand out simply because of the time of the year they’re given.
Whatever you do on this 4th of July… stop for one moment and remember the brave group of patriots who took a chance so you could be free, eat hot dogs, slug bottled water and shoot off illegal fireworks. God Bless America.

— end —