Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Stand Out

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This month Jimmy Kimmel announced he is going to have live advertisements on his show. Daring to be different, and possibly deflect from the idea that alone he is not that humorous, Jimmy may be tapping into a retro trend.
In 2006, Garrison Keillor and Robert Altman gave us an impressive backstage look into A Prairie Home Companion. Praire Home is one of the most loved and listened to Public Radio Shows. I mention this because Garrison and his players read and or sing every jingle from every sponsor live on the air.
Whether it was Rhubarb Pie filling, Mash Potatoes, or Coffee it received the same royal treatment at home on the Prairie.
Okay, so your company is not to the point where they can afford commercials on Jimmy Kimmel Live. No problem, consider the idea of a custom clock that sings your jingle on the hour, a singing pen that promotes your company when a button is pushed.
In retail, it seems the holidays arrive sooner each year. Try sending out a promotional stuffed animal with a small musical recording in it.  Think Teddy Ruxpin, oops that goes back. Elmo is a more recent example. There is a chip in Elmo that allows him to speak to your child. Simply find a holiday themed bear, place the recorded “commercial” chip in the animals paw, and send to your clients.
Any way you slice it, a little imagination and big promotion go a long way.

— end —