Promo Products: Still Best For Recall, Building Relationships

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When was the last time you watched a commercial on TV? Poured over an ad in a magazine or newspaper? Listened to a radio spot or didn’t click past an online ad? Chances are, like most people today, your answer to all this is “never”. Which is why the recent promo products news is so striking, especially if you’re trying to promote a product, build a business.
ASI (short for Advertising Specialty Institute) has released the results of this year’s survey of consumers, asking them about the company advertising they saw and remembered. This is the 6th year for this widely quoted, well regarded research that involves in person interviews with businesspeople as well as students in cities in North America, Canada, Europe and even Australia.
screen-shot-2014-02-20-at-9-25-36-amThis is key information for every business owner. Yet again, quality promo products bearing a company name or logo were recalled by 85% of the consumers in the survey. That’s far above the other ways to reach an audience, like ads on prime time TV or magazine and newspapers. Investments in these approaches bank on the idea that people will see, and remember the ad. If they don’t, the time, effort and money invested are a waste.
The cool thing about a promotional product is that it gets noticed every single day. Seen by many, many pairs of eyes. Relied on again and again… reinforcing an unspoken message of reliability of a business or product. It’s a subtle, but powerful message. What’s more, promo products did just as well in terms of cost per impression as advertising spots on radio and the internet.
According to the survey, the favorite promo products are pens, hats and mugs, but calendars and USB drives aren’t far behind.. These are the practical, everyday items people use that also happen to have plenty of room for your company name and logo. They are ageless, fit all sizes and styles, and put your business name and number right where it gets noticed again and again.
As you make your plans for promotions, the survey findings give you one of the best reasons ever to consider adding a quality promo product to the mix. Our team of specially trained pros is here (as always) to help you choose the right one, or we can assist you in finalizing your look so that you give your business (or your brand) the best showcase possible
Front and center on an item that gets used, and noticed every single day.

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