Promo Products: The Not So Secret Weapon Of Advertising Pros

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When it comes to getting the word out about a product or a business, it’s a smart move to look to advertising pros (real ones, not the phony TV kind) for advice. To see what they do and why.
Ad agency pros, and advertisers working in larger corporations are a reliable source of information on what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to promoting a business or product because they are being held to a hard line in terms of results. There’s no time, or budget for things that don’t work, no career for a pro who doesn’t perform. A recent PPAI benchmark study based on input from these pros found that promo products are considered an effective way to deliver brand recall and generate sales — 74% of those surveyed said these items are effective, even highly effective.
Not many other ways to get the word out about a business can say that. Not TV. Not radio ads. Not even print ads.
Advertising pros know that promo products that bear your name are most effective when they’re delivered on a regular basis, have a clear connection to your business or brand and are useful to the end user. As you might expect, usefulness is the main reason someone keeps an item.
That’s because imprinted promotional products are real world, hold in your hand brand ambassadors. The say a good deal about your company, and the value you place of relationships with customers and employees. Make any promo product useful, lasting and engaging to the senses and you’ve got a winner.
And speaking of winners… here are  are some of the best promotional product choices for summer…

Just like the pros do, working with a  specially trained, super experienced representatives is the way to assure you get just the right promotional item from our huge selection. Our imprinting specialists can even help you with your artwork or logo, just ask. And since our products are made and shipped from locations right here in the US, you’ll have your patriotic promotional product, or any item you order, in hand before you know it.

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