Promotional Products: What Doesn’t Work, And What Does

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Since the U.S. government isn’t working right now, it seems like a golden opportunity to talk about other things that don’t work… when it comes to using a promotional product for your business, that is. Multiple surveys have shown that promotional products get attention, get remembered and are more cost effective, than other forms of advertising — and you can rest assured that this will not stop working.
The only way these little powerhouses don’t do the job is if you ignore some basics. So here’s what we know does not work when it comes to promotional products
Not planning — choosing a quality promotional product isn’t a decision to be made on the spur of the moment. It calls for thought, understanding of your customer/prospective customer, a bit of careful research on suppliers and an investment of precious dollars.
Going for the gimmick — people may exclaim over novelties, but they don’t keep them around like they will with a more practical, useful item, preferably one that gets daily use. Think coffee mug, pen (yes even in the digital age), calendars or something that does a useful job at the desk.
Letting price alone decide — while budgets are always a consideration, saving money on a promotional item often means cutting quality. Something that looks cheap, where the imprint fades or the item itself breaks is a poor reflection on your business — one you surely don’t want.
Changing your look — your business look needs to stay as constant as possible… same colors, same typestyle. Think about the big brands, IBM, Apple or Google — they keep their company name and logo the same no matter where you see it. That’s why it’s so important to be sure your promotional product looks like it matchs up with the rest of your advertising and branding materials.
Being impulsive — don’t give promotional products to everyone, instead think carefully about who you will get them… best customers or infrequent buyers, long term employees or part timers too. Also, will you delive them by hand, by mail or some other way? Your investment is worthless if you don’t get it in the right hands in the right way, or it it arrives broken.
Avoiding these all-too-common pitfalls will help you choose a promotional product that is right for your needs, looks good and leaves a lasting, favorable impression of your business with everyone who sees it. Unlike resolving the issues behind the shutdown of the government, getting a promotional product just right is a quick, easy process. Our team of highly trained, fully experienced reps is here if you have questions or are ready to get started… just give us a call.

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