Proven: Promotional Products Are A Small Investment That Pays Off Big

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It’s not often that you make a modest investment in something and get a big payback. In fact, it’s rather rare when you stop to think about it, which is why when news like this comes along we here at bigpromotions have to share it with you. Especially when it shows just how effective our products are… gives hard and fast evidence of all we’ve been telling you.
Promotional products are effective, affordable ways to get your business noticed. Not just once, but many times.
The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI for short) has recently conducted a global survey, following landmark work first in 2008 and then again in 2010, that proves promotional products give a more favorable impression, and get remembered by a full 87% of those who receive them. This number has stayed consistent since 2008 and shows clearly that people remember the business who has given them an imprinted product.
What’s more, the investment you make in a product bearing your business name and logo is not all that large, which is far more achievable for many small to medium sized businesses with little money to spend on marketing. A quality promotional product won’t cost nearly as much as an ad on the radio or TV, or one you place in a newspaper. Plus you can give a promotional product to only your best prospects and customers, while you can’t target like this with an ad.
So you won’t have to spend a fortune, and you’ll end up with a product that looks great, bears your name and contact details or other message proudly and leaves your customers, employees and others feeling good about your business. It’s not an unwelcome interruption like an ad usually is and insttead provides a customer with something they can actually use.
And that gets seen time and time again.
Plus the production costs for a promotional product are a fraction of what you’d spend on a radio or TV spot, or to create an ad in the paper. What’s more, giving a quality promotional product leaves the recipient with a reminder of your business that pays you back time and time again. It sticks around a lot longer than that ad on TV or radio, won’t get overlooked like ones in a newspaper often do.
The key is to be useful… to offer something with quality workmanship that’s going to present your business in the best possible light, today and going forward. As always, the pros here at bigpromotions are here to help… just give us a call!

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