Show Your Pride And Patriotism With Promotional Products

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The announcement came Sunday night… the sudden secret end to one of the most intense manhunts in recent history happened inside a luxury home located in a residential Pakistan neighborhood. Our nation’s finest, best trained, best equipped soldiers moved to cleanly and quickly rid us of long time enemy Osama bin Laden. The cynic in me (and apparently others) wonders if the President took any pleasure at all in pre-empting the last few minutes of The Donald’s Celebrity Apprentice to break the welcome news to the nation?
Certainly not.
As if we all weren’t feeling good enough about the long awaited demise of bin Laden last week, thanks to an anonymous, dedicated, honorable soldier whose name we will never know, who will never be acknowledged in any way, there’s this. Within hours of the event, Navy Seal Team 6 embroidered hats were being snapped up by military personnel, families of service members serving overseas as well as patriots at home. The Advertising Specialty Institute confirms that patriotic promotional products are selling fast.

And why not? We’re all feeling good about ourselves… our country… our President. It’s been a quite a while since we’ve been able to say that. It feels good.
Of course we all know that promotional products are a far, far better investment, during times of national pride or any other time for that matter, than traditional forms of advertising like print ads, radio/TV or even the internet. Reacting to the news of the day, companies like do everything we can to make the best quality items available to you as quickly as possible. We keep our eyes and ears open, always watching events with our clients’ needs in mind. We have great relationships with our own suppliers, and we keep up on what’s coming along… always with an eye to serving your business better.
Our team of specially trained, super experienced representatives can help you choose the right patriotic promotional item from our huge selection — caps, flags, static decals, key chains commemorative patches, or another patriotic themed product — and then make it uniquely yours. Adding your business name, phone number or message does that, and is a simple, subtle way to get your business noticed, and remembered. Our pros can even help you with your artwork or logo, just ask. And since our products are made and shipped from locations right here in the US, you’ll have your patriotic promotional product in hand before you know it.
To share with employees, customers and prospective ones during this unique time in history.
God Bless America!

— end —