Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

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If you think about how many signs you see in one day it’s probably a far larger number than you expect. Like the song says, they’re everywhere. Good signs attract attention, educate or provide vital information. They help you stand out. 00AF30C7-1EDD-4485-9F73-94D5E6C37556What makes a good sign. Readability. Location. Durability. How do you make a sign readable?

  • Less is more, as few words/symbols as possible
  • Dark letters, light background
  • Thicker, chunkier letters rather than fine, fancy fonts
  • Simple graphics

How do you locate a sign so more people will see it? Put it in front of as many pairs of eyes as possible. Anyone who’s driven in traffic knows that vehicle signs provide a nice source of distraction while sitting there waiting for things to move. It’s a great way to expose your company, and contact details to a wide, varied (some might say captive) audience. Lots of eyes, all looking for something else to look at besides break lights. Signs you place at a job site are another good way to get your name in front of lots of eyes, while also giving a living, breathing example of your work in progress. This can be very powerful, especially to those in the market for your type of service. You might want ot have a job site sign at the work area, and another at the entrance to the neighborhood.

BA2FCA17-23CD-4F66-AF91-85B48CB01D52If you’re a retailer or service type business, the sign over your place of business let’s people know the most important things about you — who you are, what you sell and where you’re located. That sign is your calling card, a larger than life visual of the business you run. When it comes to stationary signs, political campaigns choose places that are well travelled, with good reason. Just off the highway, opposite a traffic light or outside a busy location like a coffee place, hair salon, supermarket or liquor store are highly travelled all the time. Skip the absurd numbers politicians put out and take away the idea about location. Put your sign in a place that’s seen by lots of eyes. Every day. And don’t forget to think about durability. A peeling, faded sign sends a message, but not the one you want. Choose your materials to stand up to the elements, to keep from fading or peeling. Think beyond harsh winters or rainy, windy springs. Remember that the sun is one of the strongest ways to bleach out color there is. Choose any outdoor sign with this in mind. If we can help, please speak up. Let us know. Our team is here to help you create a sign that’s just right for your business, and your budget.

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