St. Patrick’s Day Branded Kits

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had some interesting changes in the world around us. Due to everyone being stuck at home – many of whom are parents trying to homeschool their cooped-up kids – the way we spend our time has made a shift. People are using more streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and even Twitch. Many folks have taken on new hobbies to occupy their time, like gardening or learning a new language. But another change has come in the form of adult beverages: since March 2020, alcohol sales have boomed, with sales increasing 55% in just the first month of lockdowns.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, the jump in alcohol sales may be something that can be utilized. Whether you’re doing a happy hour kit, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with employees and customers, or just want to send a thank you gift, there are plenty of branded items that you can send out to keep with the theme that is on everyone’s mind. Here are a few ideas for you:

And remember, if you’re interested in building your own marketing kit, get in touch with us! We can help you out from beginning to end, so that you remain top of mind.

AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

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