Summertime And Promotions Are Easy…

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As Memorial Day, the official start to summer closes in, there’s no better time to look at the promotional opportunities that come along with the warmer weather. Remember, promoting your business name all year long helps customers remember you, and builds awareness in the minds of potential ones.
The change in season is a great time for business owners to invest in clothing that’s geared to the warmer weather. Whether its a cap, a smart polo shirt or light fleece jacket there are lots of options to outfit yourself and your team — you’ll look good, feel good too. Clothing or caps also make great give aways to good customers — gifts that stand out and get noticed just because of the time of the year they’re given.
But clothing is just one of many things you can do. If you’re a baseball fan, or the sponsor of a local team, baseball related products are unique ways to promote your business. Another staple of summer, the beach offers lots of different opportunities to put your name in front of customers or prospects. Beach towels, drinkware and beach balls are all great choices that fit the season and people will actually use — exposing your business name yet again..
Another summer favorite that’s a fantastic promotional opportunity is barbecue accessories. These summer must-haves are welcome additions to any summer picnic or as a fun, season appropriate thank you to employees and your best clients. Unique, quality products like these leave a lasting impression in the mind of everyone who receives them.
Of course one of the other great promotional products that is especially suited to summertime is drinkware. Cups, drink holders, mugs, can wraps and more are great little ways to showcase your business name to lots of people. And summer provides no shortage of opportunities to use these products at the beach, at a barbecue, during parades or sporting events — anywhere you go.
Summertime, more than any other time of year, gives you lots of opportunities to get your business name noticed — again and again.

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