What To Know About Delivering Holiday Business Gifts

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Now that the U.S. elections are over, and the holidays all too quickly approaching, here at bigpromotions we thought it would be a good time to talk about just how you’ll deliver those holiday business gifts. Depending on the gift, and your relationship with the giftee, you may choose to have the item shipped directly or present the gift in person. If you’ve any questions about the etiquette of giving corporate gifts, manners maven Emily Post has some excellent guidelines you should check before you go any further.
Keep in mind that you’ve purchased the gift to show your appreciation… to build on an important relationship with clients, employees and some of your key service providers, so it’s important to put some thought into how you will deliver it. Presenting the business gift effectively requires just as much time and effort as you put into selecting it. So don’t skimp here. Packaging your gift with the nicest ribbons or bows… the finest wrapping paper makes it look upscale, shows that you put time and effort into preparing it.
If you can deliver your holiday business gifts in person… do it. Whether it’s at the start (or end) of a regular meeting, when a product is delivered, or at another time that makes sense. A personal delivery of a carefully selected gift really means something, conveying the high value you place on the relationship. And don’t forget to include a card, written by hand, that conveys your best wishes and mentions the giftee by name. Stick to the generic “Happy Holidays” or “Greetings of the Season” unless you know for a fact that your recipient celebrates a particular holiday.
If you simply can’t deliver those holiday business gifts in person, be sure that you choose a reliable shipping method and send these packages on their way in plenty of time. There’s nothing worse than having your gift arrive late… or not at all. If possible, you’ll want to include a personal note or just your signature. A follow up holiday phone call to be sure that the gift was received and share your good wishes is a nice touch after the date on which the gift was to be delivered..
The most important thing to keep in mind is that the holiday business gifts you’ve selected are just one way you’re connecting with clients, employees and service providers. They help make these ties stronger and let you share a bit of holiday cheer with the world around you.

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