Be Like Galileo

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In 1633, a man named Galileo Galilei was charged with heresy by the Catholic Church. Galileo was an Italian philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who had been advocating that the earth revolved around the sun. Of course, in those days, everyone “knew” that the earth was the center of the universe; so Galileo was thought to be a liar and teaching a falsehood. The people were so stuck in their own ways that they were incapable of seeing any other perspective. When Galileo stood before the Roman Inquisition, he agreed to claim guilt in order to get a lighter sentence. His punishment by Pope Urban VIII was house arrest. He was confined to his home until he died there in 1642.

Galileo had used logic and his skills of observation to come to his conclusion that Copernicus was accurate in believing that the earth revolved around the sun. He spent many years studying so that he could gain a better understanding of the world around him, which led him to advocating the Copernican Theory regarding the sun-centered solar system. In addition to his contributions to astronomy, Galileo is considered the father of modern physics and was also an engineer. Throughout his studies and observations, he became one of the most influential people in science. And although he admitted to heresy, it’s apparent that Galileo was adamant that his findings were correct – up until facing death itself.

It’s important to stand by your beliefs. During your lifetime, you will experience many times of your own perspective being tested. Be willing to look at another point of view but, if you find it to be wrong, maintain your truth. Don’t be afraid to be different and stand up for what you know is right. This may be upholding to your policies and procedures or turning away a customer for moral reasons. Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone lead you astray.

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