Breaking the Rush Syndrome: Infographic

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“Rush Syndrome” has become the status quo for most of us, especially in the States. We rush to get to work on time. We rush around at work, trying to finish every task as soon as possible. We rush home after work to make dinner. We will even often label a trip to the store as “quick.” Our impatience rears its ugly head every time we have to wait in line or allow a webpage to load. Especially at work, this can be detrimental. How many errors does our work suffer from when rushing through each day?

Technology has become so evolved that it’s easy to get caught up in a hurried lifestyle. The Industrial Revolution allowed us to make more products in a much shorter time. Once that became a norm, it was only natural that we began speeding up everything else in life, too. The years allowed for the improvement of technology, resulting in swifter productivity. This gave us a new expectation: faster is better. Life was not always like this, and there are still many places where people breathe and take one thing at a time.

Joel Garfinkle is the author of the book “Are You Always Stressed and Hurrying at Work?” and an executive coach for leading companies around the world, including Google, Amazon, and Starbucks. In his blog post on SmartBrief’s website, Garfinkle gives us six ways to take our time at work.

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