Success Stories

Why Meditation Training is Good for Business

Research has shown all sorts of physical changes that happen thanks to meditation, which help both your physical and mental health. Meditation improves cardiovascular health, decreases depression, and assistants several other ailments. It brings your mind to the present and increases your focus. It can even help smokers quit.

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Branded Shoes x Crocs

Some people love Crocs shoes while others find it to not be their cup of tea. Well, Crocs seems to have set off to be even more of an acquired taste, I suppose, as they have teamed up with edibles to make custom branded shoes.

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Making Lemonade

I have a very enthusiastic eight-year-old who is always looking to be a better person. In her pursuit of making her own way in this world, my daughter (let’s call her Bea) decided that she wanted to start her own business…And then COVID-19 happened.

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