Product Showcase: Bakeries

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When I was growing up, my grandparents did artwork and crafts for a living. They had a booth at a local arts & crafts shop, where people would come in and buy things from different booths. I went with them often so that they could check on their booth and pick up any profits. Usually, my grandmother would go into the shop while my grandfather and I would walk to a local bakery for some treats. We would sit with our afternoon desserts, him having coffee and me having tea. I would pretend to be a grown up and we would have grown up conversations about the weather, how life was treating us, how my pretend family was doing, etc. These memories are some of my most treasured with him. As I reached adulthood and started my real-life family, I desperately wanted to take my kids to this bakery so that they, too, could have wonderful memories. Unfortunately, the bakery is now closed – and all I have are the memories.

I have seen many instances of bakeries being a great place for people to sit and enjoy life together. Many wonderful conversations have happened when surrounded by the smell of freshly baked bread. I think it’s important to encourage the type of atmosphere that is often associated with specific stores and shops. A great way to encourage this is through branded products. Here are some ideas on merch that bakeries can make use of. Besides, you never know who wants more than just memories…

Plush Comforter Throw
Cozy Comfort Coffee Kit
Cake Stress Reliever
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