Product Showcase: National Tattoo Day

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Source: Stevan Gabriel,

July 17th can be a fun day to embrace and show off body art. Many businesses – yes, even those outside of tattoo shops – can celebrate self-expression on National Tattoo Day. One way is by offering a discount to those who show or bring in a photo of their ink. Art galleries can offer half-off admission and even use the photographs for a collage to hang near the front door. Skin protectant ointment (e.g. A&D Ointment), bandages, and other first aid supplies companies can advertise their benefits for keeping new tats clean and healthy. Create a social media post that offers free products with an entry for ‘best tattoo.’

Of course, outside of these, promotional items are a great way for all companies to get in on the action. Any company to order a set of custom temporary tattoos to pass out to customers. Here are some other ideas for ways to engage the public. If you’re not sure which one will work for you, give us a call or email. We’re here to help!

Original Colored Dispenser with Custom Tattoo Bandage

More tattoo bandages

Sheer TeamSleeves

More sports sleeves

̀„Art Pencil Set

More art pencils

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