Product Showcase: Valentine’s Day

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When you walk into any shop during February, you will see red and pink hearts everywhere. It may seem like marketing for Valentine’s Day is simple – and it can be. But you can do more than simply cut construction paper to look like hearts, placing them over massive signs that say “SALE.” Imprinted candy hearts are always a winner, as are plush bears. Here are some other options that might cause your customers to stop and soak in your brand. Remember, the key is get you front of mind. If someone thinks of your company every time they make s’mores, you’re doing the job right!

Heart-Shaped Scented Candles – Imprint your company logo on the packaging. Then give these away to those customers who “light up” the room.
Hot Chocolate Bomb with Pink Drizzle – Pass these out to your salespeople as thank you gifts, to show your love and affection!

You can also find plenty of chocolates and other candy on our website especially for your Valentine’s Day goodies.

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