The Concept of Professionalism During Virtual Meetings

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At one point in time, virtual meetings were the reality of the future. It seemed like a far off idea of communicating online through video, particularly for business. Working is supposed to be in person, right? As we all know, though, that time is here. We’re now doing work from home and having business meetings online. Kids are schooling via video with their teachers and classmates. People are even having dates through telecommunications. The twenty-first century has been a technological gold mine and we’re only touching the surface.

Some people are wondering how professional they really need to be. People are essentially coming into your home through the computer. Some of us are wondering, “Do I really need to get dressed up? This is MY house.” On one hand, sitting around your pajamas in your own home shouldn’t be frowned upon. You have things to do at home and maybe you’re not in a position to shower just yet. However, professionalism goes a long way in the business world. Showing up in a professional manner shows that you are making your job a priority. Meeting online should mean the same things as it would in an office: don’t chew gum or have your lunch during a meeting, turn off your cell phone, and watch your language. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you get to be lazy.

In addition to business meetings for your current job, more people are having remote interviews as well. I recently heard about a study that showed one of the top issues that an interviewer has with a remote meeting is when the interviewee has a messy background. It really says a lot of about your work ethic if you won’t clean up your bedroom or study. Sure, there are plenty of folks who have an organized workspace while ignoring their home. But that’s not what an interviewer – or anyone else on the other end of a Zoom call – is going to think. They will see things strung haphazardly about. They will start becoming concerned that you don’t prepare yourself (otherwise you would have cleaned up a bit) and can’t keep up with your tasks. Or maybe they think that you can’t prioritize as well as you should.

In today’s digital world, many of us are meeting new people and forming business relationships through the internet. It is important to keep in mind that these virtual meetings need to be professional as well – so make sure your web cam quality reflects how good you look when you’re wearing a suit!

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