Using Interactive Promotions for Chocolate

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Today is probably my favorite unofficial holiday of the year: Discounted Chocolate Day! Okay, sure, it’s not an actual day… but everyone knows that the day after Valentine’s Day has the best sales on chocolate. Almost every year, I get a huge box of chocolates – usually from myself – on February 15th. I revel in the magic of the sweet cocoa, and dream of a day when I can live in Wonka’s factory.

My all-time favorite chocolate promotion has to be the Cadbury Easter bunny contest. (Yes, I know it’s not Easter yet, but just stay with me.) In case you’re unfamiliar, Cadbury does an annual contest to find the “cutest” Easter bunny. These are usually other animals that have fake bunny ears on, and often are surrounded by Easter-themed objects (e.g. plastic Easter eggs). In fact, a friend of mine entered her amazing iguana, Dulap, in the 2021 contest. He didn’t make it to the semifinals but he was definitely the most awesome “bunny” that I saw! Later in the year, Dulap passed away. So for the 2022 contest, my friend is entering another one of her iguanas, Sharky, into the contest in memory of Du.

I think I love this contest so much because it’s fun and creative. Customers love interactive promotions, things they can get their hands on and be involved in. When it brings out the creative side, it’s even better! People get to dress up their animals and potentially win the animal’s appearance in a commercial and $5,000. Who wouldn’t want to join in?

Another great interactive promotion is a festival. And who wouldn’t love a chocolate festival? Offer chocolate-themed games, activities, and (of course) prizes. As always, get creative! People love hands-on promotions and it will leave them wanting more.

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