Using Promotional Products for Realtor Clients

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On October 10th, Rich and I talked on the Big Promo Cast about multi-sensory promotional products. We talked about how to use different products in a promotional box to create a full experience for your customers. As we talked about this, our viewer Manie Kohn asked about recommendations for high-end realtor clients. While we touched on it some during the podcast, I wanted to give a few more ideas to help out Manie and our other realtor viewers.

When creating an experience for realtor clients, you want to remind them of what you do while keeping you top of mind. This is why we recommend household items that are used often and seen throughout the day. For a promotional kit, you can do a classy box with some of the following items:

For more high-end clients, there are some other products that may be more appropriate. A lambswool throw is a great way to keep your name in the living room to not only remind the clients of you, but also to advertise to their guests. Selfie drones are also a unique item that will likely be used around others and on special occasions. You can also do coolers or bamboo cutting boards, which will both be used fairly regularly.

If you have any other questions about specific items or need some help brainstorming, hit us up! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We do the Big Promo Cast on Saturdays at 1PM Central time on YouTube and Facebook. You can comment during our podcast and we can help you out. You can also email us at

AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

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