When Customers Throw Temper Tantrums

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I’m the mom of three great kids. One of them happens to be an almost-four-year-old who likes to terrorize his parents and sisters. He fights us on bedtime, quiet time, leaving a friend’s house…anything that he doesn’t want to do. I love the kid with all of my soul but man, he knows exactly how to push my buttons. I would like to think that his fit-throwing days are almost over, but this isn’t my first rodeo. I know better.

Have you ever had a client like this? I’m sure everyone has had the customer who throws a temper tantrum, expecting it to result in getting their own way. Unfortunately, a lot of people still live by the notion that “the customer is always right.” This isn’t the case, though. Sometimes the customer is WRONG. Yup, I said it.

I can be an understanding person. I love working with people and helping them find what works best for them. This means being flexible – on both ends. Sometimes certain changes need to be made. Throwing your sippy cup on the ground is not the way to win anyone over. So whether your the client or a vendor, work on that flexibility. You’ll find it easier to work with other people, instead of driving them away.

Amber L. Jewell

Amber L. Jewell

Amber Jewell is the "Duchess of Flow" for BigPromotions.net, as well as an award-nominated author on business relationships. When she's not writing blogs or books, her work is focused on managing the office of BigPromotions. The rest of her time is spent being a mom and wife, homeschooling, reading, and painting.
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