Will the UK Label-Free Sprite Bottles Change the Marketing of Drinks?

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Photo by PackingEurope.com

Parent company Coca-Cola is doing a trial in the UK of Sprite and Sprite Zero bottles without labels, stating that they want to make recycling their bottles even easier. Though the bottles are already 100% recyclable, this test will reduce the material used in production and minimize environmental impact. The previous change from green to clear bottles was a beginning step in making the products more easily recycled.

Instead of the recognizable green label, “Sprite” and “Sprite Zero” will be embossed on an entirely clear bottle. The back will still have the drink’s nutritional facts, but they will be laser-engraved along with other product information. Javier Meza, the company’s European vice president, marks this as “a big shift from a marketing perspective.” The test run will also speak volumes about the recognizability of Sprite.

While this is not the first time the Coca-Cola Company has tested bottles without labels, this will be the first trial in the UK. Label-less Coke bottles were distributed in South Korea and Japan. Its Switzerland water brand Valser was also set into the market without labels in September 2022.

Eight Tesco Express supermarkets will have these label-free bottles in stock from January to March 2024.

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