The Pros and Cons of Sending Out Catalogs

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Many companies in the promotional products world produce catalogs for their customers. Suppliers and distributors alike tend to find catalogs to be advantageous.

  • People can connect more with partnering companies and their products when they are able to see what they want to buy.
  • A visual aid like a catalog helps give people a better idea of the product, instead of just a short summary.
  • Specific colors, fonts, and catch phrases can be used to pull in the buyer or persuade them to make the purchase.

The downfall to catalogs, though, is that some people find them to be wasteful.

  • Most of the time, all of the information found in a catalog can be found online – which is easier to search.
  • A customer may end up immediately recycling the catalogs because he isn’t interested in reading it, so it just takes up space.
  • Even of those who use them, many have no specific place to keep catalogs and will usually get rid of them when they’re done anyway.

Some people prefer to hold a book in their hands while others would rather use the ease of the internet. Your best bet is to figure out what works for your individual customers. Allowing them to opt in or out of a catalog will make their lives easier, while saving you time and money. Also, give the option of receiving emails about new products and offers. Those who prefer online visuals will appreciate this. Either way, make sure that your potential customers have a way to see what they’re looking for.

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AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

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